The Kodaikanal Club Library


The library sub-committee was constituted in July 1926 when the executive committee appointed The Reverend Penn and Dr. T. Royds to chair this sub-committee. In turn they requested the help of a Mr. Mutter to get the library functioning. It actually began in 1919 when the club offered entertainment by way of a jigsaw puzzle room and it was decided to convert this to a full-fledged library. Today the library displays books and magazines from its earliest times, to the latest books from indigenous and internationally famous authors. It is the jewel in the crown of the Kodaikanal Club.

1. Children below 12 years are not permitted to enter the Library.
2. A member shall be entitled to take out two new books and two old books or four old books at one time. The time allowed for returning a new book is 10 days and old book is 15 days. Should the books not be so returned, a fine Rs. 10/- will be imposed for each day for each book retained beyond the period allowed upto a limit of Rs. 100/- for each book, after which the book will be considered to have been lost and will be charged for accordingly as laid down in clause 7 thereof, as per the current cost of book +25% extra towards the maintenance of book.
3. A Member who received a book from the library shall be responsible for it and shall be liable for its value. in case it is lost or mutilate and if it be one of a set, Member shall be liable for the value of the whole set +25% extra towards the maintenance of book.

Contact: Library,The Kodaikanal Club, 7 Road Junction, Kodaikanal - 624101. Ph: (04542) 241341,241342,

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